About us

"Minnimal" is a Macedonian brand for women's clothing. The founder and initiator of the idea is Marija Desanova. Cofounder and leading designer is Biljana Siljanovska. The name of our brand is rooted from the word "minimalism" (a style in art that has a pure and simple aesthetic character). The patterns we create consist of simple and structured lines, textures, colors and tones. Our clothes are born to be timeless...


We started working in 2020 as an online boutique, we are present on the social networks, Instagram and Facebook where we write our history every day.


The main pieces of "Minnimal" clothes are the timeless kimono that can easily be called the DNA of the brand, classic coats, practical suits, flowing pants and shirts, which will make you feel special in everyday combinations.


Firstly, each piece is designed and tailored in our experimental workshop. When the piece is approved, we send a copy to be produced incostumed quantity. Our production teamtakes care about the high quality of the clothes from their sketches until launching to our online platform. Our clothing is mainly made from environmentally friendly materials such as cotton, linen, viscose, wool or a mixture of the above with synthetics.


The concept of “Minnimal” has been based on the image of our customers: elegant, feminine and sophisticated ladies. We are strongly inspired by the contours of the female’sbody which we try to emphasize with the perfect fit and the simplicity of our designs.

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